Could you sponsor us?

Become a charity partner

Without support from our charity partners we could support our charities aims  and we would be unable to do our work. Support us in achieving our aims and support a charity aiming to saves lives and to prevent injury along the River Tees.

Principal Supporter

Support us with a significant donation, we will discuss the level of reciprocation from us in honor of your support.
Options can include items such as: Logo and support on our website, logos on our fundraising leaflets and on some of our clothing (e.g T-shirts), framed certificate of sponsorship and permission to use our name in approved press releases.

Advertising in our newsletter and on social media is also possible.

Major Supporter

£5000 - £10,000
Support at this level means we can do so much more and ensure we have the best equipment for our volunteers to ensure their safety as well as the general public.

We can discuss your options at this level and would feature support from us such as logos on our website, mentions in newsletters and on social media plus press releases and more.


Any amount or goods/services

At this level we will discuss with you whether you can make a monetary donation or even the offer of free goods/services. At this level we will discuss what you are able to offer and what this can offer to the charity. All terms will be negotiable and we will find a level which suits both parties.

Please contact us to discuss your level of support. We do appreciate any help you can offer.