Trustee Update – A few weeks in….

When James came up with the idea for Tees River Rescue, I personally thought, “what a great idea, why has nobody else done that?” Having put in quite a few hours work now and starting the charity I get the why now!

When we started the charity we had literally nothing to add except our time, passion and dedication (along with sleep deprivation and high coffee consumption). Once we became officially registered as charity number 1187247 on January 7th 2020 things have moved on quite a lot, the three of us have been to numerous meetings, have driven the charity forward in contacting supporters and making sure we get the legal bits right.

Getting support from Canal & River trust was the biggest achievement we needed to get first, we have then started to make contact with other river users, have to schedule a meeting with Cleveland Fire Brigade and lots more stakeholders.

Things are progressing though and we are now seeking volunteers and waiting on outcomes from grant submissions and funding requests.

We are aiming to be on the water in spring and starting the river patrols, the rescue side may take longer due to requirements for PPE and training, but with your support and our stakeholders and other river users we will get there.

Rob – Trustee