Tees River Rescue

About Us

Tees River Rescue is a registered charity and is ran by a team of enthusiastic individuals with a focus on public safety and the protection of life.

River safety interests us all and although we come from differing backgrounds and jobs we are all working together to get the charity off the ground (or in the water) and are focusing our activities around this.

Regular updates will be on this site and we will share more about us as we grow and get established but it is still early days so please check back soon for more.....

Meet the Team

JamesChair of Charity - James was the brains behind Tees River Rescue and is a passionate guy who wants to make the world a better place. James is the chair of the charity and alongside his normal employment and another volunteering role finds the time to work hard for Tees River Rescue ensuring compliance, seeking funding and ensuring we progress at an appropriate rate.

PhillTrustee - Phill (as in the photo) is the smiley one of the group. Phill brings great educational background to Tees River Rescue and much more. Phill is a teacher by day and volunteers in another role as well. He provides support to the charity and is our safeguarding officer.

RobTrustee - Rob is the self confessed geek and as with James and Phill has a passion for serving the public and keeping people safe. Rob designed and maintains this website as well as the charities email system.

Our fabulous Volunteers

Tees River Rescue would be nothing without our team of fantastic volunteers who range from ex military, paramedics, Police officers, retired fire officers and more. Volunteers make our core team and we will be looking to grow when we can to take on more volunteers.