Tees River Rescue

Open Water Swimming

Open Water Swimming

Open Water Swimming or Wild Swimming as it is sometimes known is a great way to improve circulation, meet new people, exercise  and has proven benefits to health.

It is not the same as swimming in a pool and we wouldn’t recommend the Tees as a starting point, unless you have a good coach or have swam in open water elsewhere.

The Tees is DEEP – In parts down to 14 meters, although most is 3 to 4 meters. The banks of the river drop off quite quickly and you can quickly lose the ability to touch the bottom.

Our top tips for open water swimming are on the right and lots more information is available online, please have a read before taking the plunge!

We want everybody to enjoy the beautiful River Tees, but also to go home safely at the end of every trip. 

Swimming is permitted in the Tees except where specifically prohibited with signs, this is near the Barrage mainly, but check for signs. The byelaws can be found here: 6853-river-tees-barrage-and-upstream-river-byelaws-1993.pdf (canalrivertrust.org.uk)

  • Take a buddy
  • Plan your trip
  • Know your limits
  • Know how to stay safe and get help
  • Have the right equipment – Bright swim caps (so we can see you!)