Tees River Rescue

A dedicated team of volunteers

Our Approach

Why do we need Tees River Rescue?

The River Tees is a jewel in the crown of the Tees Valley. Making sure everyone can use the river safely and enjoy it is our primary aim.

Being able to provide an independent rescue facility alongside Fire & Rescue will help our emergency services and save lives.

Providing regular patrols helps to provide a visble safety presence and can prevent issues before they arise.

Providing education on water safety and increasing public awareness of basic self rescue.

Safety Patrols

Providing safety patrols at peak times to promote River Safety and educate people on River safety.


During 2021 we will be training in search (funding dependent) and able to provide a search facility to emergency services.


During 2021 we will be training in rescue (funding dependent) to be able to rescue those who need it.

Who We Are

We are a registered charity (charity number 1187247) with volunteers that deploy on our boat Adjutor to provide the following:

We are an independent rescue charity and receive no funding aside from public funding. We rely on the public’s support and generosity.