Tees River Rescue

Preventative Patrols

Prevention & Patrolling

At Tees River Rescue, we primarily cover the upstream section of the Tees. This is used by hundreds if not thousands of people each day for walking, exercise, fishing, running, water sports and much more.

Most traditional lifeboats only respond to emergencies. We believe that prevention is better. We patrol the river at peak times to increase the chance of being in the right place should something go wrong.

Most drowning victims never meant to enter the water. The statistics show most accidental drowning in open water are people engaging in activities near the water, such as running. Slips and falls into deep water can cause cold water shock and ultimately death.


People drowned in 2020 (UK)

0 %

Drowning victims are male

July 0

Is the worst month for drowning accidents

0 %

Were doing recreational activites

0 %

Were inland

The above figures are taken from a 3 year average from the national water safety forum report up to 2020.