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Supporting a small charity makes a BIG difference

Running a search and rescue charity is expensive. Costs that you would pay as part of your business such as insurance, fuel costs, maintenance and equipment costs all have to come from somewhere.

The difference with a business is you can pass those costs on to the customer, whilst still making a profit (hopefully!)

As a charity we do not charge a fee to deploy, we do not charge to search for missing people and we do not have anyone to bill for our preventative patrols, but they all cost money.

If you would like to support our work, we would first be eternally thankful, we may also include your logo on our website, we may be able to speak about sponsorship to include your logo on some of our clothing or equipment and more besides.

We need ongoing funds to maintain our equipment, kit out our volunteers, service the engine on our boat, keep our skills up, supply training and education events and ultimately save lives.

To talk to us about sponsorship use our contact form.