Tees River Rescue

Water Safety Advice

Water safety education is a key tool in saving lives. Knowing what to do if you accidentally fall into water, or end up in trouble due to cold water shock, could be the difference between life and death. Simple things you can do, that could save your life.

Our 2 infographics below focus on our 2 main messages for the river Tees, cold water shock and FLOATing to live.

We will add more as we update our water safety guides and information.

Float to live

We teamed up with the amazing Borocuda to put together this video.

This summer enjoy yourself and just remember if you get into trouble in water then FLOAT, STAY CALM, SHOUT FOR HELP.

42 second shorts

Not quite the answer to life, the universe and everything, but our 42 second shorts give you some simple tips to save either your life or someone else

Please take the time to watch them and share.

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