The Last Hoorah…

Don’t be like Fred, make sure you don’t need rescuing this week… (Fred is the orange guy and our rescue dummy)

With schools due to return and this being the last week and weekend of the holidays for a lot of people, there may be a temptation for one last hoorah. Whilst the weather looks like it has changed, we expect 20-21 degrees at the weekend, with some scattered showers and risk of thunder/lightening.

If your kids are headed out with mates along the river, just give them some simple safety advice. A spotter on the bank with access to a phone (and signal), know where you are and your limits. If cold water shock starts, don’t panic, float to survive and most of all #RespectTheWater.

Water will always win, it doesn’t ever get tired and will keep going, although a lot of young people may think it, you are not invincible and water will not slow down, when you get tired, it will not ease up when you cannot find the strength to swim back to the bank, it will not suddenly get warmer, or change direction.

Stay safe this week and get back to school, college, university or work in one piece.

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